All the bells & whistles!

Full Service
  • 1-3 bar staff dependant on requirements.
  • All relevant licence’s for your event.
  • Specialist equipment such as slush machine & coffee machine. 
  • Fully trained & professional bar staff. 
  • Fully compliant NCASS registered trader.
  • ECO-friendly glass wear.

Full Hire: £250 booking fee + £500 minimum spend

Locations within a 50-mile radius are free, 50p per a mile thereafter.

Bar, Equipment & Collection included

Dry Hire Unstabled.

Hire our Unstabled bar by itself, the bar would come fully equipped with all the tools and equipment needed to run a bar.

This option is a good pick if you already have a team you would like to use or if you plan on having an outdoor bar that you can open and close at your discretion. We also drop off, collect and set up the bar for you.

Dry Hire fee: £450

Locations within a 50-mile radius are free, 50p per a mile thereafter.

Available to attend as a Cafe or Bar

Festivals & Markets

Unstabled is highly adaptable to your requirements. We have the facilities to trade as a specialist hot drinks Cafe or as a Cocktail Bar. Either way, whether our drinks are alcoholic or non-alcoholic Unstabled would certainly be classed as an additional piece of content adding to your event.

We pride ourselves not only on our products but also the atmosphere and individuality we bring. We are a fully licensed and registered operation as well as NCASS members.

Please contact to discuss your requirements and terms further. 

We are always up for a challenge!

Unlimited potential.

We work closely with our clients, tailoring a menu and package unique to your needs.

Welcome drinks packages, prepaid drinks coupons, capped open bar’s – whatever your needs we will work with you to create the perfect storm.

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Unstabled Bar & Cafe

Unstabled Bar & Cafe is a tribute to Nature, Botany and Culture! A combination of creativity, healthy living and cocktails all rolled up into one!

Convenient, Unique, Professional

Why choose Unstabled?

Unique, passionate & invested. The Unstabled team takes a great deal of pride and care in what we do. We derive our satisfaction from happy clients, so we make it a part of our ethos to ensure we enjoy what we do and you enjoy what we do!

Love & Passion

Why we do this?

Unstabled was created to explore and share all the wonders of plants and the recipes they are used in. Every recipe has a culture, story and a purpose.

How it began

The Unstabled beginning.

Unstabled Ltd was founded on the principle that behind every recipe is a story.
Our purpose is to learn, sample and experience why and how different cultures eat and drink the way they do.

Unstabled was created to provide a space and experience to join in on an ever-moving journey of discovery.

We love to create, explore and meet good people!  Unstabled bar and cafe allow us to do all the above!

Where can we setup?

In short ANYWHERE! Unstabled Bar &  Cafe is a highly adaptable setup. we are able to run off of a generator as well as a 16 amp or 32 amp mains supply. Our water inlet can be supplied from a pump or from a mains tap! We can have our exterior bar up or down if space is an issue. Closed our bar is roughly 3.5 metres long, open it is 5 metres long, with an awning in place it stretches to 8 metres long. We can adjust to your requirements accordingly.

Unstabled’s Values

Unstabled celebrates nature, botany & world culture with a drive for positive change. Being built from mostly recycled or upcycled components, sustainability is also important to us. Respecting our environment & sharing wonderful experiences with good people is what we do!

What events do you do?

Weddings, festivals, markets, corporate events, private parties, sporting events and expo’s ensure there is never a dull moment in the engine room of Unstabled.
Breaking away from the stable of square box burger vans, we aim to provide an intimate ambience and service where we bring more to the party than just our products.

The Menu

The Unstabled Bar & Cafe is highly adaptable and versatile in what it offers. The Cafe offers a variety of exotic loose leaf teas from around the globe and experimental coffees and hot drinks. The Bar supplies beers, ciders and locally flavoured cider infusions on tap with an array of seasonal, classic and experimental cocktails as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic super healthy smoothies. We focus on the botanicals and cultural aspect of a recipe, adapting and tailoring both health benefits and taste to you.

Vintage bar/Vintage building techniques

The Build

The Unstabled bar & cafe has been built the old-fashioned way, the build is a journey of discovery on its own. We have used ancient techniques such as “sho shugi bon” , the Japanese technique of preserving wood with a very low environmental footprint.

Scaffolding planks and 200-year-old Ashwood church floors have been upcycled and repurposed which can be seen from the rear bar. The copper etched window (Old Geyser) is repurposed from a discarded copper boiler tank.
The trailer itself is a 1960’s Rice Richardson Europa, she oozed personality and character when we found her and we instantly felt the potential of what she could become!

Themed on early Victorian botanical exploration and discovery. A time when many of the world’s plants were still a mystery and tonics and potions fast gained popularity.

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    We are able to work with you at your event in Avon, Devon, Birmingham, Surrey, Wales, Gloucester, Somerset, Kent, London and across the UK, possibly even Europe contact if you would like to discuss trading in your area.

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